Strategy and Values of the University of Turku

The main themes of the 2016-2020 University strategy are effective research, responsible education, a catalyst for social well-being and the economy, and community well-being. The strategy is based on the common values of the University: ethicality, criticality, creativity, openness and communality.

Mission Statement

The University of Turku is an internationally competitive science university whose operations are based on high-quality, multidisciplinary research.
We promote education and free science and provide higher education that is based on research. The University is part of the international academic community. We collaborate closely with the Finnish society and participate actively in the development of our region.

Strategic Goals

Effective research

We solve today's and tomorrow's complicated problems with the help of our basic research. We apply an interdisciplinary approach to our research in order to increase its quality and societal effectiveness. We strengthen the researcher career path, open science and support for research.

Responsible education

We are a multidisciplinary and inspiring higher education institution. Our education is based on the latest scientific knowledge and meets the changing needs of society. We ensure that the study tracks are flexible and straightforward.

A catalyst for social well-being and the economy

We recognise the innovations emerging from our research and our globally competitive education services. We promote an entrepreneurial attitude and the utilisation of research in collaboration with business life.

Community well-being

We are a responsible employer and our operations are built on common values. We are building an encouraging and interactive university, where it is a pleasure to study and work.

Policy Programmes

The strategy is implemented with theme-specific policy programmes. The policy programmes are carried out entirely or in part during the strategy period and they have been complemented during the strategy season.