Academic Portfolio

A good portfolio is comprehensive, brief, and concise. The recommended maximum length of the academic portfolios used in filling the teaching vacancies at the University is five pages. Faculties may give more detailed information about the quality and quantity of appendixes.

Portfolios are created for a variety of purposes, the most important situation being recruitment. Portfolio is also an excellent way for members of personnel to cultivate their expertise, and it can also be used in development discussions and when building the work unit’s job description.

Structure of the academic portfolio as used in the University of Turku

1. Basic information

  •     Personal and contact information
  •     Education and degrees
  •     Other necessary background information


2. Research and scientific activities

  •     Experience of research and other scientific activities
  •     Research philosophy and ethics, primary fields of research
  •     Significant publications
  •     Research assessments and awards
  •     Activities in the academic community
  •     Vision and personal development
  •     Other scientific qualifications


3. Teaching and supervision

  •     Experience of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision
  •     Pedagogical approach and training
  •     Published study materials and use of educational technology
  •     Development of teaching and awards for teaching
  •     Participation in the assessment and development of teaching
  •     Strengths, development challenges, and visions of your teaching
  •     Other teaching-related qualifications


4. Administration and other activities

  •     Administrative and management duties
  •     Duties in your field outside the University
  •     Active role in society
  •     Publications, presentations, and the dissemination of scientific knowledge through other means
  •     Other significant qualifications and duties