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Opetusnäyte/Public Trial Lecture: Maritime business and policy tenure track 17.12.19


17.12.2019 at 9.30 - 10.30
Maritime business and policy tenure track-tehtävän hakijat antavat julkisen opetusnäytteen 17.12. seuraavan aikataulun mukaisesti: 9.30 Hans-Joachim Schramm: "Economics and Policy of Misdeclared Cargo in Container Shipping" 9.55 Tomi Solakivi: "The Impact of Regulatory Changes on Maritime Business -...

Baltic Rim Economies 3/2019 published


The latest issue of the Baltic Rim Economies (BRE) review was published on the 30th of October introducing articles on current topics concerning the Baltic Sea region.

Communicating Finnish Cultural Richness

Every culture has its cultural richness. Reference to cultural richness means social presence that works in a positive social way. This richness is often taken-for-granted and rarely explained to people from other cultures.


Business Students' Choices of Foreign Languages

​Do internationalisation strategies and student motivation meet?

Foreign language skills and plurilingualism have had a high priority at Finnish universities for a long time, especially at the business schools. Functional skills in foreign languages are necessary both in future working life and for successful research or work periods abroad. 

Language needs

Does the language education of TSE graduates give them the skills to meet the needs of business practice?

The objective of the survey is to clarify the language competence required in the working life of TSE-graduates. Any findings should be exploited for curriculum development.


Plurilingualism in international business communication

PlurilingPlurilingual and intercultural proficiency are a part of the key competences in international business. In companies operating internationally, business people use several languages at the same time, switching and mediating between languages and cultures.