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Revised certificate-based admission to be introduced in 2026 – the draft scoring model now under consideration at universities


The aim of the Finnish universities is to streamline certificate-based admission and to ensure that the study opportunities are not unnecessarily restricted by subject choices made at general upper secondary level. This would ease the pressures experienced by general upper secondary students. About half of all new university students are admitted on the basis of their certificates.

Record-Breaking Growth in the Number of Applications to the International Master’s degree Programmes of the University of Turku


In the first joint application round of 2023, the international Master’s degree programmes of the University of Turku attracted a total of 5,958 applications. The number of applications grew by a record-breaking 76 percent compared to the number of applications in 2022. The greatest growth was seen in the Master’s degree programmes in Gender Studies and in Mechanical Engineering.

Finnish Universities are Collaboratively Developing Certificate-Based Admission and Entrance Examinations


The universities will decide on the reform of the scoring model for certificate-based admission in 2023. The new model will be introduced in 2026. The aim is also to increase collaboration related to entrance examinations among universities. Relief for applicants will be provided by a timetable reform aimed at making it unnecessary for those admitted through the certificate-based admission procedure to prepare for entrance examinations from 2025 onwards.

Over 70 Percent Growth in Applications to International Degree Programmes at the University of Turku


The international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of the University of Turku attracted a record number of 3,378 applications during the joint application round on 5–19 January 2022. The number of applications grew by 73 percent when compared to 2021. The most popular programmes were Master’s degree programmes in Information and Communication Technology and Global Innovation Management. 

Vice Rectors for Education Outlined on the Development of Entrance Examinations and Scoring of Certificate-based Admissions


Finnish universities’ vice rectors for education agreed on launching a joint development project to develop student admissions. Entrance examinations will be digitalised, their content developed, and their number significantly reduced. The needs for development were identified jointly by the universities particularly as a result of admissions carried out over the course of the national state of emergency. The development work will be discussed at universities during the autumn.

Important Entrance Exam Spring Ahead – Let’s Work Together to Prevent Coronavirus Infections


A majority of the entrance exams of universities and universities of applied sciences are organised in May–June. Universities, higher education institutions, and student organisations are appealing together to everyone in Finland that people would observe the current coronavirus restrictions and the general instructions for protection against the coronavirus by the National Institute for Health and Welfare.