University of Turku Most Popular among Finnish Applicants


The application round to Finnish-language degree programmes in Finnish universities ended on 30 March 2022. For the first time, the University of Turku was the most popular higher education institution in Finland in the number of applicants. Altogether 29,504 prospective students applied to the University of Turku.

This spring in the application round to the Finnish-language degree programmes, altogether 29,504 applicants applied to the University of Turku, which was the highest number of applicants of all the Finnish higher education institutions. Last spring, the University of Turku was the third most popular Finnish university in the number of applicants, receiving applications from altogether 31,115 prospective students and a record number of over 40,000 applications.

In the the joint application round, the applicants can apply to several degree programmes and institutions. Altogether, the University of Turku received 39,231 applications in 2022.  

– Our faculties, student ambassadors, University Communications, and Admission Services have done a great job. This remarkable achievement belongs to the entire University community, says Vice Rector responsible for education Piia Björn.

Once again, the most popular degree programme at the University is economics with 5,530 applicants. The second most popular programme, medicine, received 4,183 applications, and law received 3,612 applications. Furthermore, 2,844 people applied to the degree programme in psychology.

Nationally, the number of applicants decreased in the whole country in spring 2022. The total number was 138,000, which is approximately 20,000 applicants less than in the previous year. The are altogether 52,915 study places available in the Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. 

– Although the number of applications and applicants decreased nationally, the decline was not as steep for the University of Turku when compared with other popular Finnish universities. We are very grateful for all the applications, says Vice Rector Björn.

Created 31.03.2022 | Updated 31.03.2022