Symposium on Social Sciences on 8 May 2024


TCLS's Senior Research Fellow Seppo Poutanen organised a symposium on social sciences in Helsinki on 8 May 2024 titled Symposium on Social Sciences: Theoretical, Methodological, Autobiographical Reflections. The symposium celebrated Seppo Poutanen's diverse research career and his 60th birthday. 

Seppo Poutanen symposium
Seppo Poutanen, University of Turku

Altogether 8 interesting and debate provoking presentations were given during the day. For example Professor Michael Halewood (Essex University, UK) gave a presentation titled Is Sociology a Moral Science, and Professor, leader of the ERC research project Olli Pyyhtinen (University of Tampere), gave a presentation on In the dark, at home, toward the world

Michael Halewood
Michael Halewood, Essex University
Created 11.06.2024 | Updated 12.06.2024