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URKO - Uralilainen kolmio, Uralic triangulation final seminar


13.12.2022 at 13.00 - 16.30
Twitter: BEDLAN_uralicLisätietoja: (Uralilainen kolmio, Uralic triangulation) studies human linguistic, genetic and cultural diversity in the Uralic language speaker area. We have launched two online interfaces: 1) Uralic Areal Typology online together with MPI-EVA...

The 1st Science Seminar of the Faculty of Science


15.12.2022 at 12.15 - 16.00
This half-day seminar will give a good glimpse of the timely research done in all six units of our faculty. You will have the opportunity to hear more of the research highlights of biology, chemistry, geography and geology, physics, biodiversity, and mathematics and statistics.

The University of Turku Nature2100 Fund Has Purchased Forest for Conservation Near Kurjenrahka National Park


The University of Turku Nature2100 fund (Luonto2100-rahasto) that was established last year under the Turku University Foundation has bought its first forests close to Kurjenrahka national park. The two areas that are situated in Pöytyä’s Yläne region constitute altogether 25 hectares. The aim is to enhance the biodiversity and carbon sink of the areas, as well as the possibilities for recreational use.

European Universities Established New Joint Master’s Degree Programmes – Now Open for Applications!


The University of Turku is offering two new international Master’s degree programmes as a part of the European EC2U Alliance. The students selected for the programmes have a freedom to customise a personalised study path for themselves which is focused on either language, culture, and society, or sustainable cities and communities. The students also have a chance to obtain a degree from several Alliance universities at once.