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New Study Shows that Mothers Prefer Daughters and Fathers Prefer Sons


Finnish-American research group has studied whether parents’ gender preferences and investment in offspring are affected by their status, wealth, education or childhood environment. Instead, parental preferences were best predicted by their sex. These results help to make sense of the often contradictory findings on offspring sex preferences.


Hire an Intern

By hiring an intern, the work community receives fresh viewpoints into working life straight from the university community and gains a valuable asset. Today’s intern is a future expert.

Historic Voyage to Mercury Has Begun – High Technology from Turku aboard


The BepiColombo orbiters were launched into space on Saturday, 20 October 2018 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. Journeying to the innermost and smallest planet of our Solar System, the orbiters are carrying Finnish high technology with them. Head of Space Research Laboratory at the University of Turku, Professor Rami Vainio has been responsible for the particle detector of the SIXS instrument aboard the Bepi orbiter.

Kaisa Matomäki Receives New Horizons in Mathematics Prize


Academy Research Fellow Kaisa Matomäki from the University of Turku receives the New Horizons in Mathematics Prize as a recognition for her fundamental scientific breakthroughs with prime numbers. The New Horizons Prize is $100,000 and Matomäki shares the prize with Professor Maksym Radziwill from the California Institute of Technology.