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Dissertation defence (Virology): MSc Anna Kazakova


13.12.2019 at 12.00 - 16.00
MSc Anna Kazakova defends her dissertation in Virology entitled Development of serological dual-mode multiplex microarray immunoassay and analysis of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus disease burden in early childhood”. Opponent: Docent Vesa Pekka Hytönen, University of Tampere Custos:...

Dissertation defence (Nursing Science): MSc FangFang Zhao


4.12.2019 at 12.15 - 16.15
MSc FangFang Zhao defends her dissertation in Nursing Science entitled The diabetes-related self-care activities of people with type 2 diabetes: their level and associated factors. Opponent: Professor Eija Paavilainen, University of Turku Custos: Professor Helena Leino-Kilpi, University of Turku

Dissertation defence (English): MSc Aleksi Mäkilähde


5.12.2019 at 12.15 - 16.15
MSc Aleksi Mäkilähde defends his dissertation in English entitled The Philological-Pragmatic Approach: A Study of Language Choice and Code-Switching in Early Modern English School Performances. Opponent: Emeritus Professor Herbert Schendl, University of Vienna, Austria Custos: Emeritus Professor...

Dissertation defence (Psychology): MSc Björn N. Persson


29.11.2019 at 12.15 - 16.15
MSc Björn N. Persson defends his dissertation in Psychology entitled ”The latent structure of the Dark Triad: Unifying Machiavellianism and psychopathy”. Opponent: Associate Professor Vincent Egan, University of Nottingham, UK Custos: Professor Antti Revonsuo, University of Turku