Parking on Turku Campus

Parking on Turku Campus is subject to a fee. Both monthly and short-term parking spaces are available in the area. You need a parking permit during Mon–Fri at 8 am–4 pm. During other times, parking on the Turku campus is free- with the exception of named parking spaces.

Short-term parking

Short-term parking spaces subject to a fee are located at car parks at Arcanum, Assistentinkatu, Turku School of Economics and Dentalia. 

There are also parking spaces that are not subject to a charge on the side of the roads near the campus and administered by the City of Turku.

  • Car parks are marked with traffic signs
  • Short-term parking is paid via mobile phone using the eParking or EasyPark application. Detailed instructions can be found at the car parks.
  • The hourly fee for the parking spaces meant for shot-term parking is 1,00 euro

Parking control

The City of Turku is responsible for parking control and the possible demands for rectification on tickets are made at the Parking Control of the City of Turku. The University of Turku or eParking cannot handle the demands for rectification.


More Information on parking at Turku campus: