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Continuous Learning - experience the insights of learning

Are you looking for an opportunity to update and deepen your skills to meet the changing needs of working life? Would you like to start a new career? The University of Turku offers a wide range of courses for both professional and personal development for those interested in keeping up with an ever-changing world by learning something new.

The University of Turku is an internationally active research university whose strength lies in high-quality, multidisciplinary research. We offer diverse opportunities for continuous learning and supplementing expertise at different points of career development.

We actively follow the trends in working life and constantly develop new study opportunities to meet ever- changing needs of our fast-paced society. Our pedagogical and digital solutions in teaching and studying allow students to balance their work and study times well. 

Open University Education

The Open University offers affordable and flexible university-level studies. Open studies are available to everyone regardless of age, educational aims or previous education. Studies are based on our degree programmes and you can combine individual courses and study modules flexibly. Many courses are offered online so they can be completed through distance learning. Most courses are subject to a fee.

Non-degree Studies

Non-degree studies are intended for working professionals who already have a higher education degree or comparable qualifications. If the Open University does not offer the course you are interested in, you can apply for a fixed-term non-degree study right. Non-degree students study in the same group as the degree students. Non-degree studies are subject to same fees as studies at the Open University.

Executive Education and Customised Training

> TSE exe

TSE exe provides open enrolment and customized executive education programmes and modules to companies, organisations and individuals. Education services cover themes such as strategic management, visionary leadership, futures thinking and innovative business creation.

> Futures Focus Education and Development Services

Futures Focus Education and Development Service offers customized training programmes and expert lectures.

> Global Educational Services

Global Education Services provides customized degree programmes, professional development education and educational travel packages to foreign organisations and companies.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

MOOCs offer a flexible way to explore new topics and study university-level courses independently. Courses are open to everyone via a Moodle-based online learning environment. All materials and automated exercises are available free of charge. However, if you wish to have ECTS credits, you need to enrol on the Open University and pay the study fee for the course.

> AI & Cybersecurity

> Climate Change (several courses): Climate University’s courses are made in multidisciplinary collaboration of several universities in Finland.

> Introduction to Business in East and Southeast Asia

> Technology (several courses): FITech Network University offers selected studies from Finnish universities of technology.

Alumni Study Right

If you have graduated from a master’s degree programme at the University of Turku, you can supplement your degree with free degree students' courses (non-degree studies). By activating your alumni study right, you can continue studying for two academic years following graduation.

More Information on Continuous Learning

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