University of Turku as a case study in Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation on the HEInnovate portal


A case study of the University of Turku has been published on the HEInnovate portal for higher education institutions maintained by the OECD and the European Commission.  The case focuses on how the University enhances entrepreneurial attitude, behavior, and culture throughout the entire institution and beyond with the help of digitalisation.

The case study shows, how the University of Turku as an Entrepreneurial University fosters entrepreneurship in many ways, based on a three-pillared concept: People (developing entrepreneurial competences), Collaboration (with businesses), and Outputs (creating new businesses).

The case highlights the University’s capability to adapt digital technologies across different activities in order to enhance processes, structure interactions, and promote and enable collaboration within the University as well as with stakeholders from the private and public sector. Digitalisation is essential also in creating and maintaining a modern and user-oriented digital working culture and environment for the University staff and students. Digital transformation is implemented through a series of digitalisation projects.

What is HEInnovate?

HEInnovate is a free self-assessment web tool for higher education institutions developed through a partnership between the OECD and the European Commission. It supports higher education institutions to empower students and staff to demonstrate enterprise, innovation and creativity in their teaching, research and third missions. It sets out a framework for governments and higher education institutions to assess themselves in eight key areas*. Case study of the University of Turku is published in the Digital Transformation and Capability key area.

Training and support materials, including practical case studies, are available in the HEInnovate platform to support workshops and further development within higher education institutions.

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*Leadership and Governance, Organisational Capacity, Digital Transformation and Capability, Entrepreneurial Teaching and Learning, Preparing and Supporting Entrepreneurs, Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration, The Internationalised Institution, Measuring Impact.

Created 19.03.2021 | Updated 19.03.2021