TSE Alumni Webinar: The Effects of the War in Ukraine on Business and Trade


TSE Alumni Webinar 4.6.2022

This session of our Alumni Webinar series focuses on the effects of the war in Ukraine on business and trade. In the part lead by Associate Professor Tommi Solakivi we will discuss the effects of the war on supply chains in Finland, Europe and internationally. MSc Wilma Nissilä will share her analysis on the economic impacts of the war, which are likely to be profound and long-lasting.

  • Associate Professor Tomi Solakivi: Supply Chain Impacts of War in Ukraine
  • MSc (Econ) Wilma Nissilä: Economic Impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War

Professor Satu Teerikangas and Professor of Practice at Turku School of Economics Riku Santala will discuss the topics with Associate Professor Tomi Solakivi and MSc (Econ) Wilma Nissilä, leading specialists in their field.

Created 23.03.2022 | Updated 06.04.2022