Alumni relations

The alumni of our University include all the graduates and employees of the University of Turku and Turku School of Economics.

    The alumni, who are University graduates, form an important interest group to us. Their number is constantly growing: currently over 50 000 alumni have graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Turku or Turku School of Economics. The University of Turku aims at building a lifelong relation and interaction with its alumni at both unit and University level. The alumni form a part of the University community even though they mainly operate outside it. Well maintained alumni relations support the University’s activities, increasing its credibility and possibilities.

    Many forms of interaction

    Cooperation with the alumni takes place everywhere around the University. Taking care of alumni relations does not involve only celebrations but also mutual communication and opportunities for the alumni to participate in the University’s operations as mentors, working life speakers, providers of internships and partners in research cooperation. In this way, the alumni have a possibility to affect and support the activity of their home university.

    The University offers its alumni education, up-to-date research information in their own field, networking possibilities and a nostalgic connection to their own study years and place. The University of Turku graduates are experts and influential individuals in many roles in the society. An active alumni network consisting of thousands of skilful graduates offers both its members and the University information, contacts, experiences and new ideas.

    Alumni Communication

    The registered alumni get an alumni newsletter 4–6 times a year. The newsletter includes links to our most recent interest group magazines such as Aurora.

    The University of Turku alumni also have an active Linkedln group that functions as a low-threshold channel for information sharing and discussion.