Futures Focus Education and Development Services

"The Future is Created through Choices."

Finland Futures Research Centre's Futures Focus education and development service offers its clients tools to forecast future developments and control those change processes. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our know-how regarding modern futures research and our unique participatory working methods.
Futures Focus offers designed training programmes and expert lectures. We are your partner in your organisations development projects and processes. Futures workshops are particularly appropriate for the analysis of operational environments as well as for development processes.
We are your partner on the highway to the futures!

Futures Focus for Development

Futures Focus is seen as a multi-skilled, pro-active partner offering functional services for its clients' long-term change and development projects and processes. In these projects systematic futures knowledge can be utilised for various strategy, vision and scenario planning. Futures knowledge and competences are beneficial for complex development and evaluation projects, as well as in the active creation of a desired future for different sectors of our economic and cultural life. 

Do you know the way to the future?

Futures workshops generate intuitive and innovative futures knowledge and presents alternative paths to the future. There interactive working methods can run from one day of sessions up to six days. Futures workshops are particularly appropriate for the analysis of operational environments as well as for organisations searching for new directions and product development processes.

Futures Focus for Knowledge Creation

Futures Focus produces customised information services such as special surveys, data banks and data searches for exploring future trends and driving forces. Interpreting futures information and its consequences are an exciting and integral part of Futures Focus.
Futures clubs as sparring forums

Futures clubs are sparring forums designed for organisational decision makers and regional actors. Tacit significant futures knowledge is produced and applied for development processes. Furthermore, trends are speculated upon and weak signals are also analysed.

Futures clubs are interactive and influential forums, which have the ability to multiply and speed the development of their members through the knowledge to be gained from them.

Futures Focus for Training

Futures themes and lectures are a desired and integral part of Futures Focus' activities and services. Popular presentations themes for management training programmes and the organisatios include:

  • Future-oriented methods of thinking
  • Visionary management
  • Weak signals and their detection
  • Innovative systems
  • Foresight
  • The creative economy
  • Strategic long-term planning

Andy Hines' thoughts on the need for positive images of a long-term future