List of Researchers for Media

Here you can find a selected list of researchers of the University of Turku who are available for media inquiries related to their field of expertise.

We have also compiled a list of researchers who are experts on Russia and international crises.

By clicking the link on the researcher’s name, you can access their profile and contact information.

You can also find more researchers and experts through the people search. You can search by name, field, unit or key word.   

Baltic Sea & maritime studies

Associate Professor Jari Hänninen  
Aquatic ecology, marine biology & Baltic Sea

Senior Researcher Tapio Karvonen
Maritime cluster, economic and social impacts, marine industry, ports

Cancer & immunology

Professor Johanna Ivaska
Molecular cell biology, integrins in cancer progression
Professor Panu Jaakkola
Oncology, radiation therapy

Professor, Academician Sirpa Jalkanen
Immunology, inflammation, cancer & drug development
Director of InFLAMES research flagship

Professor Johanna Schleutker
Cancer genetics, hereditary cancer, genomics

Professor Jukka Westermarck
Cancer biology, role and regulation of phosphatases

Climate change & biodiversity

Professor Jukka Käyhkö
Geography, climatology, urban climates, Lapland

Professor Ilari E. Sääksjärvi
Amazonia, biodiversity, parasitoid wasps

Finnish culture, language & history

Professor Anne Heimo
Folkloristics, oral history  

Professor, Academician Kaisa Häkkinen
Finnish language & Finno-Ugric languages

Professor Helena Ruotsala
European ethnology, Nordic cultures, the Mari people

Professor emerita Sirkka Saarinen
Finno-Ugric languages and cultures

Professor Hannu Salmi
Cultural history, media history, digital humanities

Professor Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen
Finnish history, gender history

Professor Charlotta Wolff
Finnish and Scandinavian history

Finnish economy, politics & law

Professor Janne Salminen
Finnish law, constitutional law, public law

Professor Janne Tukiainen
Economics, political economics

Professor Vesa Vares
Contemporary history, politics

Finnish education & welfare state

Professor Jani Erola
Socioeconomic inheritance, social mobility, social class, inequality
Director of INVEST research flagship

Professor Christina Salmivalli
Bullying, peer relations, social development, KiVa Antibullying Program

Senior Researcher Jenni Tikkanen
Youth research, education policy, comparative education, sociology of education

Professor Tero Järvinen
Youth research, comparative educational research, career transitions and development

Food development

Research Director Anu Hopia
Food science, food chemistry and molecular gastronomy

Professor Mari Sandell
Food chemistry, sensory perception

Professor Baoru Yang
Food chemistry and food development, Nordic superfood

Futures research

Project Researcher Nicolas Balcom Raleigh
Futures literacy, sustainability innovation, critical futures studies

Imaging & health

Professor Juhani Knuuti
Imaging, positron emission tomography, popularisation of science

Professor Lauri Nummenmaa
Emotions, psychology, neurotransmission, neuroimaging

Molecular plant biology

Research Director Eva-Mari Aro
Photosynthesis, stress acclimation, systems biology

Professor Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne
Photosynthesis, blue biorefinery, sustainable biotechnology, algal technology

Strategic research and education profiles of the University of Turku

The strategic profiles implement and advance multidisciplinary research and education between faculties. The profiles strengthen internal collaboration and create platforms for networks, business collaboration, innovations and strategic partnerships. The work conducted within the profiles advances sustainable development, decision-making based on researched information, application of expertise, and other societal impact of research.