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Constitutional Law
European Constitutional Law
Public Law
Economic and Monetary Union


Dr Janne Salminen works as a Professor of Public Law at the Faculty. He is Vice Dean at the his Faculty. Previously, he has worked as an associate professor and senior lecturer in Public Law and as a professor of European Law etc. He is adjuct professor both in the University of Helsinki and in the Åbo Akademi University in Turku. He was trained on the bench in Raasepori District Court). Salminen has also served as the legal counsel for the Chancellor of the University of Turku for several years. Salminen has been the secretary for the Parliamentary Committee for amending the Constitution of Finland. Salminen provides expert opinions for the Constitutional Law Committee of the Finnish Parliament. Along his work at the academia, he has served as a Legal Secretary at the Supreme Administrative Court (1999-2001), at the Supreme Court (2015-), and as a Referendary for the Chancellor of Justice (1997-1998) and for the State Audit Board (2007-2015).


Salminen's research interests and publications focus on Finnish constitutional law, the constitutional law of the EU, and the Europeanisation of Finnish public law. Moreover, he has published on the constitutional pillar structure of the EU as on the EMU and the status of the Bank of Finland.


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Janne Salminen
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