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Professor, Geography
Professor, PhD


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Areas of expertise

Urban climates
Geomorphology, Fluvial systems
Aeolian sedimentology
Wind erosion
Global change
Environmental change
Remote sensing
Socio-ecological systems. Regional expertise: Lapland, Iceland, Zanzibar, Namibia


- Professor 2004-, Department of Geography, University of Turku - Professor (substitute) 2003, Department of Geography, University of Helsinki
- Programme manager, Finnish Global Change Research Programme FIGARE 1998-2002, University of Turku- Junior lecturer (assistant) 1996-98, Department of Geography, University of Turku
- PhD: Sedimentology 1997 Postgraduate Research Institute for Sedimentology (PRIS), The University of Reading, UK (Thesis: “Aeolian activity in subarctic Fennoscandia – distribution, history and modern processes”)- Licentiate in Philosophy: Geography 1994, Department of Geography, University of Helsinki- MSc, Geography, Certificate of Education in Geography & Biology 1991, Department of Geography, University of Helsinki.- Matriculation examination 1983, Sibelius-lukio, Helsinki


My typical teaching year consists of the following courses taught either by myself or jointly with other teachers:MAAN6091 Basics of Geography (jointly), (lecture course)MAAN6151 Geomorphology (lecture course)MAAN6153 Climatology (lecture course)MAAN6570 Climate.now – Basics of climate change (online course; responsible teacher)
MAAN7052 Geography colloquium (responsible teacher)MAAN7141 Geography research course (responsible teacher) (lectures, field class, laboratory work)MAAN7354 Global change (lectures, literature, group work, field excursion)
MAAN7741 Systemschange.now – Systems thinking in Global change research (online course; responsible teacher)

Course language:Bachelor level courses (code 6XXX) in FinnishMaster level courses (code 7XXX) English/Finnish depending on the audience 


My areas of interest and expertise include broadly topics related to climatology, geomorphology, sedimentology and transdisciplinary human-environment processes (global change). In climatology, I am particularly interested in understanding the regional dynamics and general implications of climate change. Connections to geomorphology include aeolian processes (esp. sand dunes, wind erosion, and their climate connections) and hydrological-fluvial processes (esp. denudation, flooding). Most of my geomorphological studies take place in Lapland and Iceland. Regarding anthropogenic systems, urban climates are of particular interest, specifically spatio-temporal variations of climate and their implications to e.g., human comfort, health, road management and urban planning. My research areas span from Northern Fennoscandia to East- and South-West Africa.


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Keskeneräinen ihminen (2022)

Turun Sanomat
Käyhkö Jukka
(Yleistajuinen artikkeli tai blogikirjoitus (E1))

Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region: A Summary (2022)

Earth System Dynamics
Meier H E M, Kniebusch M, Dieterich C, Gröger M, Zorita E, Elmgren R, Myrberg K. Ahola M, Bartosova A, Bonsdorff E, Börgel F, Capell R, Carlén I, Carlund T, Carstensen J, Christensen O B, Dierschke V, Frauen C, Frederiksen M, Gaget E, Galatius A, Haapala J J, Halkka A, Hugelius G, Hünicke B, Jaagus J, Jüssi M, Käyhkö J, Kirchner N, Kjellström E, Kulinski K, Lehmann A, Lindström G, May W, Miller P, Mohrholz V, Müller-Karulis B, Pavón-Jordán D, Quante M, Reckermann M, Rutgersson A, Savchuk O P, Stendel M, Tuomi L, Viitasalo M, Weisse R, Zhang W
(Vertaisarvioitu katsausartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä (A2))