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Professor, Pan-European Institute


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Areas of expertise

Investments to and from Russia
Economies in the Baltic Sea region
The economic development of Belarus


Kari Liuhto started his academic career at Turku School of Economics in 1991. He shifted to Lappeenranta University of Technology in 1997 where he was nominated as a professor. Six years later Liuhto was invited to be the professor of Russian trade and the director of the Pan-European Institute at Turku School of Economics. Since 2011 he has also been the director of the Centrum Balticum foundation. During his career, Liuhto has acted as the responsible leader of several projects related to East-Europe and Baltic Sea region. These projects have been funded, among others, by the Prime Minister’s Office of Finland, the Parliament of Finland, several Finnish ministries, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the World Bank and the United Nations.


Kari Liuhto is responsible of the following courses in Turku School of Economics:
  • The Development of the EU-Russian Economic Relations
  • The Russian Market Economy
  • Investment Opportunities in Eastern Europe
  • Business in the Baltic Sea Region

In addition, Liuhto directs master’s theses and doctoral theses.


Kari Liuhto's current research interests are
  • Liquefied natural gas terminals in the Baltic Sea region
  • The development of innovation activities in Russia


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