Ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees

Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees 2020

The Ceremonial Conferment of the University of Turku has been postponed for a second time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event in September will be cancelled and the university aims to organise the Ceremonial Conferment in the spring 2021.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the universities of Turku, Oulu and Eastern Finland have concluded that the different events of the Ceremonial Conferment cannot be carried out in September without risking the spread of the virus.

For this reason, the three universities have made a joint decision to postpone their ceremonial conferment of doctoral degrees once more. All three aim to organise the event in the spring 2021. The new dates will be announced as soon as possible.

All the participants have been contacted personally regarding the registrations and the refunds for the event fees. 

In case you have any questions concerning the confirmation or cancellation of your registration, please contact promootio@utu.fi.



More information

Doctoral hat and sword

Everyone attending the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees needs to have a doctoral hat and a doctoral sword in order to participate.

The doctor orders the hat for themselves. We recommend ordering the hat as soon as possible. The hats are made by hand, so the time of delivery can be long.

At the University of Turku, all the doctors have a black hat except the doctors of law who have a burgundy hat.

​Please note that some of the below prices are from 2017. Those prices may change before the next Ceremonial Conferment.

Doctoral Hats and Their Prices

The prices include VAT and a hatbox. The appointment for taking measurements must be booked in advance.

The price of all hats apart from the doctor of science hat includes an emblem. The University of Turku has its own emblem for doctors of science, and it can be purchased exclusively at the Department of Future Technologies (Maarit Tammelin), located at the Agora Building, 4th floor. The prize of the emblem is 35 €.

Rauhankatu 12 a C (on the yard side)
20100 Turku
 tel. +358 50 550 1103
email: kristiinakivela.hat(at)gmail.com

the price of the hat is 580 €
the hat for doctors of science of the University of Turku 580 € (emblem not included)

E.R. Wahlman Oy
Sofiankatu 5
00170 Helsinki
tel. +358 9 634 313

the price of the hat starts from 745 € (depending on the material of the hatbox)
the hat for doctors of science 755 € (emblem not included)
When ordering the hat, you can also order a sword, the price is 385 € + engraving 15 €.

In Turku, Classic Man at Humalistonkatu 3, supplies doctoral hats to Wahlman, a commission is included.

Hattuateljee Memmu Lankila
Itäinen Teatterikuja 5
00100 Helsinki
tel. +358 400 633 799
email: memmu.lankila(at)tohtorinhattu.eu

prices in 2017 were:
the price of the hat is 615 €
the hat for doctors of science of the University of Turku 685 € (emblem not included)
the hat for doctors of law 615 €

Ab Melanders Hattfabrik Oy
Hämeentie 155 A 10, 00560 Helsinki
Puh. 0400 485536
sposti: info(at)melandershattfabrik.fi

the price of the hat is 649 €
the hat for doctors of science of the University of Turku 619 € (emblem not included) 

Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB 
email: info(at)harvesteb.com 

the price of the hat is  595 € 
the hat for doctors of science of the University of Turku 620 € (emblem not included)

Price -5% if ordered by  3 January 2020
They also rent doctoral hats.​ 

Doctoral Sword

In the Ceremonial Conferment, all the doctors and honorary doctors carry a sword. Each university has its own emblem on the doctoral sword. The emblem of the University of Turku is the winged torch. Turku School of Economics has their own emblem.

You can order a doctoral sword from:

Au-Holmberg Oy (customer service)
Linnankatu 9-11 (Midas Kultasepät)
20100 Turku
tel. 02-231 6419
Open on weekdays at 11.00 - 17.00

You can also order and pay the sword online Au-Holmberg.fi  (web pages only in Finnish)

The price  is 250 € (VAT included) and it includes the doctoral sword (85 cm or 95 cm) with an engraving, The emblem of the University of Turku with 24 carat gilding, belt clip and a cloth cover bag.

The sword can either be picked up from the store, sent by post (15 €) or delivered to the University in May 2020.

Sword Belt
Au-Holmberg Oy also manufactures sword belts for ladies, the price is 50 €/piece.  The sizes are S = 60-75 cm, M = 75-90 cm, L = 90-105 cm.

The belt is fastened with strong Velcro.

Dress code

The Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees is the most formal academic celebration and the dress code is very precise.
​Sword Sharpening Ceremony
Ladies: dress, jacket suit or sophisticated trouser suit (length and colour are optional)
Gentlemen: dark suit  (black, dark blue or dark grey) ​
Conferment Ceremony
Doctors, ladies: long, black gown with long sleeves (not décolleté), black gloves, black shoes (not open from the heel), no handbag
Doctors, gentlemen: white tie: black waistcoat, white bow tie, white gloves, black, thin leather shoes, no white pocket square
Doctor’s companion, gentlemen: white tie or a dark suit
Doctor’s companion, ladies: dark, long or short evening dress, no hat
Guests, ladies: dark, long or short evening dress, no hat
Guests, gentlemen: white tie or a dark suit

Those who participate in the Academic Procession dress in the similar manner to the honorary doctors and doctors or in the doctoral dress of the university the person has graduated from, only the honorary doctors, doctors and officiants have a sword.

Ceremonial Conferment Banquet
Doctors, ladies: long, black gown, doctoral hat, sword
Doctors, gentlemen: white tie: white waistcoat, white pocket square*, doctoral hat, sword (patent leather shoes)
Doctor’s companion, gentlemen: white tie: white waistcoat, white pocket square* (patent leather shoes)
Doctor’s companion, ladies: long gown (preferably coloured)
Guests, ladies: long gown (preferably coloured)
Guests, gentlemen: white tie: white waistcoat, white pocket square* (patent leather shoes)

*) If there are no decorations

At the banquet, only  the doctors and the officiants have the doctoral hats and swords.

Closer instructions on the use of the doctor’s hat and sword will be delivered separately.

Dress Code for the Ceremonial Conferment



The information about the conferrers will be updated as soon as possible.


Conferrers 2017

Faculty of Humanities & 

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Professor, Vice Rector Kalle-Antti Suominen


Faculty of Medicine

Professor Juha Varrela


Turku School of Economics

Professor Matti J. Sillanpää


Faculty of Law

Professor Veli-Pekka Viljanen


Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Leo Nyqvist


Faculty of Education

Professor Pasi Koski

Ceremonial conferment committee


Ceremonial conferment committee 2020

Master of Ceremonies, Professor Anne Kovalainen, Turku School of Economics

Head Marshal, Professor Janne Salminen, Faculty of Law

Communications Director Anne Paasi, University Communications

Norma Jäppinen

Eero Vesterinen

Mia Lempiäinen-Avci


Responsible for practical matters:

Communications Coordinator Liisa Reunanen, University Communications, Committee Secretary, tel. 050 339 4750, lereun@utu.fi 

Department Secretary Jaana Fieandt, University Services
tel. 050 303 1636, jaana.fieandt@utu.fi