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Doctoral Student, Study of Cultures
Project Researcher, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)


+358 29 450 2003
+358 50 303 5053
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Areas of expertise

Ethnography and Futures Studies
Qualitative Methodology
Cultural Complexity and Everyday life
Villages and Neighborhoods
Urban Futures
Rural Futures
Futures of Food, Futures of Mobilities
Futures of Libraries.


I have 15 years experience in Futures Research with Finland Futures Research Centre, with futures workshops and strategical envisioning. My research focus has been on qualitative knowledge formation processes and methodologies, everyday life (including food, housing, mobility, and sharing). I have recently broadened my research focus to include anticipation and complex systems, in cities and communities. From 2016 - 2017, I coordinated a research team focusing on Futures of Cities and Communities 2050.

At the moment I participate in a project called Climate University (or more fully, Multidisciplinary digital learning in sustainability challenges – flexible study paths to the working life). It is a collaboration project bringing together eleven Finnish universities to share education and scientific expertise. I am involved in planning a SystemsChange.Now online course. It will focuse on systems thinking as an approach to understanding how we can respond to the scale and scope of current and future impacts of Climate Change on the Earth System and the human societies that depend on it.

I am a doctoral researcher and I have a M.A. Degree in Ethnology from the University of Turku’s School of History, Culture and Arts Studies. For my master’s thesis, I studied connections between environmental consciousness and everyday life. My doctoral thesis will be finalized during this year. I will analyse an earlier research process and see what the ethnographic production of knowledge from villages as social spaces and neighborhoods and the perspectives of hindsight tell about the everyday practices of sharing and caring.



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