Project Researcher, Mechanical Engineering

Areas of expertise

Additive manufacturing
laser-based powder bed fusion
discrete element modeling
powder bed simulation
particle behavior
powder characterization


2017-2020 B.A.Sc in energy technology (Turku university of applied science)

2020-2023 M.Sc in materials engineering, with thesis on the simulation of powder particles in laser-based powder bed fusion (L-PBF). Thesis work included developing novel methods for characterization of powder particle parameters (e.g. friction coefficients), the creation and calibration of a multi-layer powder bed recoating model, and the development of a novel validation method based on powder packing density.

2021-2023: Research assistant at UTU; bio-based polymer additive manufacturing, simulation of powder particle behavior in L-PBF

2023-> Project researcher, simulation of powder particle behavior and laser-material interaction in L-PBF.

2023-> Doctoral student (D.Sc) at UTU. Topic: Characterization of metal powder properties in processability of L-PBF by powder packing simulation


Researching simulation of powder particle behavior and the powder bed in laser-based powder bed fusion. The work includes development of validation models, powder particle characterization for parametrization, and development of discrete element simulation models