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Project Specialist, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)


+358 29 450 4850
+358 45 800 0797

Areas of expertise

Innovation environments
futures workshops
corporate responsibility
regional development
agri-food sector
sustainable energy
poverty-energy-environment nexus.


Hanna Lakkala (M.Sc. Geography) is managing the project MyStory, an Interreg Nord funded project in a cross-border regional development context. The project is based along the Finnish-Swedish-Norwegian border region. The work package of FFRC is related to the strategic development of tourism in this cross-border region. FFRC will run a vision and roadmap process which objective is to find a common understanding on what the tourism in the region should be like and be based on, and how the tourism can be developed sustainably as a cross-border regional effort.

In addition, she's managing the project ”Native Crops for Innovative and Sustainable Food Futures in Peru and Colombia (HEI-ICI PECOLO)” focusing on foresight, innovation environments and food innovations and sustainability issues in the agrifood sector.

Hanna has previously worked at FFRC in 2010–2012 as a researcher and project coordinator, based in Laos. She was involved in research and capacity building projects with a focus on energy, environment and livelihoods and energy scenarios for sustainable energy planning. She has since also lived in Colombia where she worked in cooperation with universities and the private sector.


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