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Finnish language
Finnish as second and foreign language
interactional linguistics
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I received my MA in Finnish language at the University of Helsinki in 2015. In 2016–2020, I worked as a PhD researcher at the University of Turku in the project "Arkisyn: Morphosyntactically coded database of conversational Finnish" (funded by Kone Foundation). I recieved my doctoral degree (University of Turku) in January 2021, after defending my doctoral dissertation in December 2020. Currently, I am a visiting researcher at Aarhus University in two projects: "DanTIN" ("The grammar of Danish talk-in-interaction") and GEL ("Grammar in Everyday Life").


I have completed Teacher's Pedagogical Studies (60 ECTS credits, University of Helsinki, 2015). I have tought at the Universities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Turku. I have teaching expertise in the following areas: conversation analysis; grammar; Finnish for foreigners; general linguistics; interactional linguistics; pragmatics.


My main research interests lie in the area of interactional linguistics and linguistic dialogism. My reasearch concerns the way different grammatical structures are used in interactional contexts. In particular, I have worked on referentially open use of personal forms as well as on the Finnish se että construction that can be used as a fixed expression for certain interactional purposes. Recently, I have also studied linguistic features of online hate speech. Currently, I am associated with a group of researchers working with a grammatical description of Danish talk-in-interaction.

My dissertation examined the second person singular, focusing on the variation of its use in Finnish everyday conversations. My research focuses on the fixed use of personal expressions. I study the interactional practices such expressions form a part of, and explore how they are used to modulate participation and agency in talk-in-interaction.


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