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University Research Fellow, Faculty of Education
Docent, Department of Teacher Education


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learning and professional developmen
learning in higher education


Laura Helle received her PhD in education in 2007 from the University of Turku, Finland. The topic of the doctoral dissertation was project-based learning in higher education. Her post-doctoral project funded by the Academy of Finland was entitled “Effecting principled change in medical education”. Her research has dealt with learning and professional developments in various domains such information systems design, medicine, nursing, and business administration. Currently, she is leading a project entitled “How does ‘teaching without teaching’ compare with course-based instruction? An evaluation of two curricular models in the domain of business education”.Together with the local Faculty of Medicine, University of Muenster, and the University Medical Center, Utrecht, she is involved in an Erasmus+ strategic partnership (2-year project: 2021-2023) the purpose of which is to develop open-source learning technology in order to facilitate online learning in higher education, with a particular focus on developing learning and teaching in microscopic pathology. She is supervising two doctoral candidates: Riikka Eronen (project on developing learning in aseptics) and Sinikka Inkeroinen-Huhta (project on the relationship between giftedness and moral reasoning). Tenured as university research fellow at the Department of Teacher Education, her teaching focuses on research methodology, general didactics, and academic writing.


Research methodology, general didactics, and academic writing.


research on learning, professional development, expertise, higher education, high school


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