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Doctoral Researcher, Laws
Doctoral Researcher, Laws

Areas of expertise

AI and law
criminal law
criminal liability


I am writing my PhD in the field of criminal law. I am interested in questions that arise when AI entities become more autonomous and more widespread, as well as in the impacts of AI to the society – what happens if an apparent crime comes to pass, but the gap between it and any human actor gets so deep that the philosophical grounds of liability cannot stand anymore? Can we still hold on theories about mens rea? Will we still try to find a human on which to put a charge? On what basis could we do that? And if we cannot, what should we do instead?

My interests are inclined towards the fundamental questions of free will, (moral) agency, legal personhood and justice, as I try to figure out possible solutions in cases where no human could have anticipated that a crime was going to happen, and yet it did.

Areas of interest:

Criminal liability
Artificial intelligence
Legal personhood
Philosophy of criminal law


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