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Docent, Department of Clinical Medicine


Areas of expertise

Mucosal Immunology
Intestinal Microbiota


Samuli Rautava graduated from medical school in 1999 and has specialized in pediatics (2011) and neonatology (2013) at the University of Turku. He has completed a 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship at the Mucosal Immunology Laboratory at Harvard University & Massachusetts General Hospital  and a 1-year clinical neonatology fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He was appojnted docent/adjunct professor in experimental pediatrics in 2013. He currently works as clinical instructor in pediatrics at the University of Turku and as part-time (30%) neonatologist at the Turku University Hospital. 


Clinical instructor of pediatrics at the University of Turku since 2013. Steering group member of the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Turku.



Dr. Rautava’s research is based on the general hypothesis that early contact with microbes and particularly the indigenous intestinal microbiota has a significant long-term impact on health by modulating the risk of preterm delivery and the complications of prematurity as well as the risk of chronic immunoinflammatory disease. The translational research project consists of birth cohort register studies, utilization of machine learning on big data, nested case-control studies as well as experimental models and randomized clinical trials to establish causality.

Author of 56 scientific articles: 29 Original publications, 16 Review articles, 6 Chapters in books, 7 Scientific publications in Finnis, 21 Congress abstracts and 17 Invited Lectures in International Academic Meetings

H Index 23.

Academic Honours: The Niilo Hallman price  from the Foundation for Paediatric Research, Finland.


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Neonatal antibiotic exposure impairs child growth during the first six years of life by perturbing intestinal microbial colonization (2021)

Nature Communications
Uzan-Yulzari A, Turta O, Belogolovski A, Ziv O, Kunz C, Perschbacher S, Neuman H, Pasolli E, Oz A, Ben-Amram H, Kumar H, Ollila H, Kaljonen A, Isolauri E, Salminen S, Lagström H, Segata N, Sharon I, Louzoun Y, Ensenauer R, Rautava S, Koren O
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