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Professor, Finnish Language and Finno-Ugric Languages
PhD, professor


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Areas of expertise

Finnish language
cognitive linguistics
contrastive linguistics


Professor of Finnish language, University of Turku 1/1/1999–present 

Principal investigator, project funded by the Academy of Finland “Construal of means and time”, funding 2015–2019

Supervisor in 9 completed PhD dissertations (3 in preparation), 101 completed M.A. theses. External pre-examiner for 13 dissertations, opponent 7 times

Finnish Cognitive Linguistics Association, founder and first chairperson 1999–2003, honorary member 2003 –

Board member in Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics  and Linguistica Uralica.

Total number of publications: 111 (2 edited volumes, 78 articles, 22 book reviews, 9 review articles)

Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 2012–present.


Cognitive linguistics, syntax and semantics, Finnish grammar


I am a specialist in cognitive linguistics, syntax and semantics, as well as contrastive linguistics (Finnish–Estonian). Most of my research is based on the methodologies of cognitive and functional linguistics. I have studied the semantics of Finnish local-case setting adverbials, the case alternation in the marking of Finnish subject, object and predicate adjective phrases and the effects of this alternation in the clause-level meaning, aspect, clause constructions and verb semantics. My work in contrastive linguistics includes analyses on word order in written Finnish and Estonian, as well as works on Finnish and Estonian adposition constructions and clause types.

My current research projects are: 1) COMET, COnstrual of means and time, a project focusing on the grammar and aspect of Finnish motion metaphors of time, funded by the Academy of Finland (2015–2020), together with scholars from the University of Helsinki, 2) an international typological project on partitive cases and related categories, coordinated by prof. Silvia Luraghi (Pavia, Italy), and 3) a large Finnish–Estonian–Hungarian cognitive linguistics project, with participants at the Universities of Turku, Helsinki, Tartu and Budapest (ELTE).


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Foreword (2021)

Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugrian Linguistics
Huumo Tuomas, Lindström Liina, Pilvik Maarja-Liisa
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Partitiivin muotokuva (2020)

Tuomas Huumo, Riho Grünthal
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