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University Lecturer, Applied mathematics
Adjunct Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dosentti, Yliopistonlehtori, Ph.D.


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Areas of expertise

Research and teaching


Graduated with honour from the Belarussian State University (Minsk, Belarus) In 2003 received doctoral degree from Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg (Germany). After having several postdocs in Poland, Germany, Denmark and UK, currently working as a senior assistant and docent at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Turku (Finland). Two students, Volha Karelkina and Vladimir Korotkov, completed their doctoral degrees under my supervison. Two more, Outu Wilppu and Alaleh Maskooki, are my current doctoral students


since 2009 Lecturing at the University of Turku

o Multiobjective Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis Spring’09 28 lectures+14 demos, 56+28 hours;

o Game Theory Autumn’09, Spring’16, Spring'18, Spring'20 14 lectures+7 demos, 28+14 hours;

o Robust Optimization Autumn’09, Autumn’14 14 lectures+7 demos, 28+14 hours;, 28+12 hours;

o Heuristics Spring’10, Spring’12, Autumn’16 14 lectures+ project work, 28+56 hours;

o Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms Autumn’10, Autumn’12 14 lectures+6 demos, 28+12 hours;

o Scheduling Theory Spring’11,Autumn'17 28 lectures+13 demos, 56+26 hours;

o Vector Optimization Autumn’11, Spring’16 14 lectures+6 demos, 28+12 hours;

o Game Theory 1. Game Theory 2 Spring’12 28 lectures+14 demos, 56+26 hours;

o Simulation Autumn’12, ’15, Spring'19 14 lectures+6 demos, 28+12 hours;

o Operations Research Autumn'13 14 lectures+6 demos, 28+12 hours;

o Decision Making Spring'14 14 lectures+7 demos, 28+14 hours;

o Calculus of Variations Spring'15, Autumn'18 14 lectures+7 demos, 28+14 hours;

o Control Theory Spring'15; Autumn'18 14 lectures+7 demos, 28+14 hours;

o Partial Differential Equations Spring’17, Autumn’19 28 lectures+13 demos, 56+26 hours;


Sensitivity analysis and Stability theory Multicriteria optimization and and scheduling Theory of Robustness Interactive decision making and methodology Heuristics, metaheuristics and evolutionary optimization Applied graph theory and game theory Transportation, Assignment and Scheduling problems


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