Quitting (the) Habit: Fossil Fuels, Governmentality and the Politics of Energy Dependency

31 October 2019

Guest lecture by Prof. Imre Szeman
Guest Lecture and Round Table

Time: 14h-16h
Place: Porthan Hall, Maaherran makasiini (Henrikinkatu 10)


Guest Lecture: Quitting (the) Habit: Fossil Fuels, Governmentality and the Politics of Energy Dependency

Imre Szeman is University Research Chair and Professor of Communication Arts at the University of Waterloo. He conducts research on and teaches in the areas of energy humanities, environmental studies, critical and cultural theory, social and political philosophy, and Canadian studies. His most recent work has focused on energy humanities and petrocultures, with several books books on the subject published in recent years, including On Petrocultures: Globalization, Culture, and Energy (2019) and Energy Culture: Art and Theory on Oil and Beyond (2019).

Round Table with Imre Szeman, Pia Ahlback, Heikki Sirviö, Tere Vaden & Lieven Ameel

Pia Ahlback is researcher at Åbo Akademi University and researcher in the “Competing Temporalities” project, funded by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland.

Heikki Sirviö is a postdoctoral researcher in the Geography Research Unit at the University of Oulu. His current research efforts focus especially on geopolitics of economic imaginaries and new possibilities for radical geography.

Tere Vaden is a philosopher associated with the interdisciplinary BIOS research unit. In his work, he has looked at the material and intellectual underpinnings of politics and culture, in particular the experiential dimensions of energy.

Lieven Ameel is TIAS collegium researcher. His research project ”Imagining City Futures across Genres – New York, Antwerp, Helsinki 1990-2020” examines ways to imagine futures in planning, policy, and fiction. 

Professor Szeman’s visit takes place in the context of the research project ”Imagining City Futures across Genres”

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