Research at the Department of Italian

The members of the staff and doctoral students have their individual projects, in some cases shared with other researchers in team projects, in the Utuling doctoral programme and in research groups. The research areas are presented in more detail below. The scientific yearbook of the department was founded in 1989, with the name of “Settentrione”.

The most central fields of research in culture and history

  • The history of travel and tourism (both journeys made to Finland and other Nordic countries by Italians and journeys made to Italy and the Mediterranean region by Finns)
  • The history and development of Italian and Scandinavian orders of knighthood
  • The history of Italian emigration
  • Bilateral relations between Italy and Finland
  • The perception of Finland amongst Italians and the perception of Italy amongst Finns

The most central fields of research in linguistics

  • Foreign words in Italian, Italianisms in Finnish
  • Bilingualism in Finnish-Italian families
  • The terminology of various special fields

The most central fields of research in literary studies

  • The Italian novel and the urban context
  • Literary tradition and non-native Italian writers

The most central fields of research in translation studies

  • The translation of children's literature
  • Political language in Italy
  • The translation of culture items and realia

Recent publications