For Family Members

The University of Turku wants to contribute to its international staff's accompanying family settling-in well in Turku. Here you can find information and ideas on how to arrange your family-matters, and what to do in order to develop a social network in Turku.

Finnish language courses

The University of Turku offers its' staff members, visitig staff, and doctoral candidates Finnish Beginner's courses free of charge. Language course providers for spouses and other family members in Turku are introduced below.

> Adult Education Centre of the City of Turku
The Adult Education Centre of the City of Turku offers Finnish language courses from beginner's to advanced levels.

> The Summer University of Turku
The Summer University of Turku organises Finnish language courses for foreigners throughout the year enabling students to study the whole year without a pause. The course selection includes courses suitable for beginners as well as for more advanced students.

> Turun iltalukio - Upper Secondary School for Adults
Turun iltalukio offers Upper Secondary Education for Adults. Finnish for Foreiger's courses are targeted for those who are not offered these language courses by any other organization.

> Turun kristillinen opisto
Finnish language courses for beginners and advanced level, during the academic year. Access to courses through the TE Services (Employment Office).

> Paasikivi-Opisto
Finnish language courses, also summer courses. Unfortunately, no courses for beginners.

> Expat Finland - The Finland Guidebook
Information about summer schools and courses, online courses, as well as dictionaries and exercises.

Day care and schools

Day care in Turku - offerings and how to apply
Turku provides day care, pre-school education and playground activities for children under school age (7 years). Day care offers an environment where the child is able to play, learn and participate in everyday routines. The premises, equipment and materials of day care are tailored to suit the age and needs of the child.

Schools in Turku
Everyone living in Finland receives free basic education provided by the local authority. Basic education is given in the schools of Turku in Finnish at 38 schools, in Swedish at 4 schools and in English at the Turku International School (see the link below). In addition to the schools administrated by the City, the University of Turku Normal School and Steiner School also operate in Turku.

Turku International School
Turku International School offers primary (grades 1-6), secondary (grades 7-9) and upper secondary education (IB Diploma Programme).

Networks and leisure activities

> Buddy Programme
As a spouse or partner, you can also request a buddy for the first few months to help you to settle down in Turku. Buddy is a volunteer who is familiar with Turku region and is willing to help you get started in your new home town. Buddy programme is organized by University of Turku.

> Talent Turku events
The services related to attracting, receiving and integrating international experts and their families are gathered on the Talent Turku platform and provided by Turku Business Region.

> Expat Turku Network
The Network welcomes all foreigners with a higher education degree living in Turku and willing to integrate among the Turku community.  After-work events are organised, such as monthly meetings, cultural activities and other leisure activities.

> International Working Women of Finland ry
The association has started as a Facebook digital networking group to allow ladies of all walks of life to connect and support each other in their employment journey in Finland.

> Science Café
Science Cafés are English-language science-oriented public discussion events organized by the University of Turku theoretical physicists. The talks are designed to be suitable for audiences of any background. Each Café event is based around an expert of a particular field explaining the subject of their research or an interesting phenomenon in an engaging and thought-provoking, yet easily understandable way.

> Turun kansainvälinen klubi - Turku International Club
Meeting place for people from different backgrounds. The Club gives an opportunity for intercultural interaction and communication as well as learning from each other. The informal get-togethers are open for everyone.

> Culture and sports services in Turku
The City of Turku offers many different activities and facilities for culture and sports.