CCR for Funders

CCR is a unique research accelerator that strives for high quality and above all impactful academic research. We form multidisciplinary research teams around the research ideas to solve the challenges at hand. Close co-operation with companies and the public sector enables CCR to detect current phenomena and business challenges. We take proactive approach to tackling the challenges that need to be solved.

Our research projects emphasize a holistic approach to the phenomena of interest. In addition to our academic experts participating in research in research projects, we coordinate research projects with strong experience.

We also emphasize broad-based communications and dissemination of research findings. Close co-operation with an extensive business network enables the implementation of research results into practice.

CCR promise to funding organizations:

  • Societally impactful research
  • Multidisciplinary, holistic approach to research
  • Reliability in meeting the funding requirements that bases on robust experience