ISS - Collaboration with outside partners

We are the leading teaching and research unit of IT management in Finland. To keep up the status we want to collaborate with real life business organizations in research projects. On the other hand, we benefit from the expertise of visiting business people in lectures.​

Teaching cases

Practical expertise of business people is very useful for our students. Therefore we benefit a lot from visiting speakers from different companies. We utilize especially our strong alumni network. Managers and experts who have graduated in ISS have valuable insights from IT field and interesting career paths to be shared with students.

For some courses we write teaching cases from real world. Cooperation with companies is very fruitful also here. Real world cases are more motivating than purely fictive ones. The best scenario is two-way: creative students solving a real problem can give good ideas to the company.

We are interested in both types of companies: those who deploy IT services and those who offer them. Our students are evenly employed to both types of companies as consultants, experts and managers.​​​

If you got interested, please contact responsible teacher Timo Leino for more information.​

Reserch co-operation

This part will be updated soon.