Management and Organisation

Research findings show consistently that well-managed and well-led organizations over-perform their peers. In other words, managerial and leadership excellence matters.

In a globalized, multi-polar and digitalizing world, the management of organizations has become increasingly important, yet vested with contradictions. In their work, managers must be able to balance a variety of contradictory demands, such as:


  • How to manage an organization set amidst ongoing change? How to balance organizationally between change and stability? How to balance between emergence and control?
  • Whether to strategically compete or cooperate? Whether to explore new opportunities or exploit existing ones? How to inspire creativity and innovativeness whilst securing cost-effective operations?
  • What is the role of organizations in making a meaningful difference to the world? What is the role of organizations in tackling of global grand challenges such as climate change?
  • How to inspire and engage an increasingly diverse workforce? How to enable work across international and virtual spaces? How to enable meaningful careers and leadership development? How to develop managerial and leadership excellence in oneself and others?

The discipline of Management and Organisation represents the core theories in management and organizing that are applied across organizations and in other disciplines. As such, the discipline has a multidisciplinary base with roots and connections to the broader social sciences including sociology, social psychology, anthropology and psychology. The discipline of Management & Organization studies organizations within their institutional settings, as well as individuals within these organizations and/or institutions.
In our department the focal areas of interest include Strategic management, Organizations and Organizing, Human resource management, Leadership and management. Our department operates at the crossroads of academia and practice. We offer expert perspectives in support of contemporary questions on strategic management, change management, leadership, strategic human resource management and work psychology.

We are keen to hear from you. Please get in touch with Maija Vähämäki,, +358 29 450 2907, +358 44 562 5060. You can get to know our faculty members through this website. Our faculty members represent a diverse range of thematic areas within the discipline of Management & Organization.

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