Bugs and Brands

Bugs and Brands is Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit’s research and regional development project that focuses on insect-based business and economy.

The project is funded by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Satakunta and lasts until the end of August 2020.


The goals of Bugs and Brands

On practical level, the project aims to improve the competitiveness of Satakunta region by supporting and aiding in the creation of sustainable economic growth as well as new jobs (particularly in the rural areas of Satakunta) based on insect economy.


On academic level, the project concentrates on e.g. entrepreneurship and the identities of entrepreneurs in micro and small businesses, the importance of networks, diffusion of new innovations in society, consumer behavior, successful branding of products, and the potential of circular economy in attempts to both increase profitability as well as combat climate change.

We will
🐞 Explore and describe the currently existing as well as the potential future of insect-based business opportunities along with the associated challenges that need to be overcome. We will also suggest some solutions to the existing challenges.
🐞 Support the creation of nexus of insect rearing and utilization knowledge in Satakunta by providing and distributing the existing and new research-based information.
🐞 Attempt to identify cooperation opportunities between different agents in Satakunta as well as internationally and support the development of beneficial business and knowledge networks.
🐞 Attempt to increase the demand for Finnish insect-based products and dervices.
🐞 Help Finnish insect farmers and companies in insect business in developing successful and internationally competitive insect products and brands.
🐞 Support the utilization of circular economy and sustainable development in insect-based businesses.


Based on the knowledge gathered and created during the project, we will write a comprehensive report to support and help with founding and establishing a successful and profitable company operating in insect economy. All our materials will be freely available e.g. on Toukkaamo..

Events and workshops organized

The project will organize the following events:

  • 1 June 2019 - Event showcasing insect-based foodin the Puuvilla shopping center in Pori
  • 27 September 2019 - The food of the future -panel discussion in UCPori’s TiedeAreena, in Pori
  • 30 October 2019 (10:00-16:00) - Bugi 2019 Insect-based food festival & Insect Economy in Satakunta in the Puuvilla shopping center in Pori. Programme (in Finnish)
  • August 2020 - A seminar to wrap up the project

Additionally, the project will organize the following workshops:

  • Smart insect rearing (for university students, in Pori in September-October 2019)
  • Developing successful products and brands in insect economy (a series of workshops for university students, in Pori in the academic year 2019-2020)
  • Bee-keeping and its many possibilities(for current bee-keepers and those interested in becoming one, January 17-19 2020, Pori)
  • Developing successful products and brands in insect economy (for insect farmers and other entrepreneurs in insect economy, one session in Eura and one in Kankaanpää in January 2020)