Seminar in Interdisciplinary Accounting Research (SIAR)




Carlos Larrinaga (University of Burgos)
Accounting infrastructures for biodiversity outcomes
Discussant: Eija Vinnari (Tampere University)


Finia Kuhlmann (HEC Paris)
Accounting for Values in Modern Slavery Survivor Care. An Ethnographic Study of the Development of, and interplay between, Outcomes and Indicators
Discussant: Thomas Ahrens (United Arab University)


Charles Cho (York University)
Accounting for grand challenges: The case of modern slavery
Discussant: Oana Apostol (University of Turku)


Yuval Millo (University of Warwick)
What is the Purpose of Profit?
Discussant: Martin Messner (University of Innsbruck) 


François-René Lherm and Kari Lukka (University of Turku)
Exploring the practical method settings of critical performativity: Coining a new auditing model through critical interventionist research 
Discussant: Jonny Tweedie (University of Manchester)



Eija Vinnari (Tampere University)
Critical dialogic accountability in non-profit organisations: Promoting pluralism through immanent evaluation
Discussant: Albrecht Becker (University of Innsbruck)


Berend van der Kolk (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Performance Management, Wellbeing and Identity: Insights From Recognition Theory
Discussant: Kari Lukka (University of Turku)


Lee Parker (University of Glasgow)
The emergent hybrid office discourse: Productivity, cost and management control
Discussant: Erkki Lassila (University of Turku)


Matthäus Tekathen (Concordia University)
Having A New Consulting Service Idea: The Case of Developing Corridor Planning in the Occupational Laboratory of a Big4
Discussant: Oana Apostol (Tampere University)


Chris Chapman (University of Bristol)
Dynamic duality: The significance of face-to-face communication to understanding the absence of corporate sustainability reporting
Discussant: Lukas Goretzki (Stockholm School of Economics)


Wai Fong Chua (University of Sydney)
Collaborative learning in a community of practice: Tracing the co-creation of a municipality quality ranking 2007-2020
Discussant: Juhani Vaivio (Aalto University)


Martin Messner (University of Innsbruck)
How consultants bundle management control practices: Insights from zero-based budgeting
Discussant: Sven Modell (University of Manchester)


Jan Mouritsen (Copenhagen Business School)
Accounting and technologies of tracing: Maintenance and repair as infrastructural inversion
Discussant: Eija Vinnari (Tampere University)


Jan Bebbington (Lancaster University)
Scientific mobilization of keystone actors for biosphere stewardship



Silvia Jordan (University of Innsbruck)
Quantifying and Adjudicating Refugees in Social Media Discourses
Discussant: Erkki Lassila (University of Turku)


Sven Modell (University of Manchester)
Is Institutional Research on Management Accounting Degenerating or Progressing? A Lakatosian Analysis
Discussant: Jan Pfister (University of Turku)


Ileana Steccolini (University of Essex)
Exploring the everyday processes of validation of qualitative accounting research: Researchers' views
Discussant: Kari Lukka (University of Turku)


Jane Andrew & Max Baker (University of Sydney)
'Pre-entity' accounts: Leaks, diplomacy and the extractive industry
Discussant: Peeter Peda (Tampere University)


Thomas Ahrens (United Arab Emirates University) & Jan Pfister (University of Turku)
What are legitimate concerns in accounting research? A cultural structure perspective informed by Max Weber's ideal of presuppositionless science
Discussant: John McKernan (University of Glasgow)


Kirsi-Mari Kallio (University of Turku)
Performance pressure and academic faculty cynicism
Discussant: Oana Apostol (Tampere University)


Christian Huber (Copenhagen Business School)
The micro-foundations of risk work: Tacit knowledge and the design of a risk management system in German hospitals
Discussant: Liisa Kurunmäki (University of Jyväskylä)


Bertrand Malsch (Queen's University)
Auditing at the margins of the audit society: Lessons from indigenous engagements in Northern Canada
Discussant: Eija Vinnari (Tampere University)


Thomas Ahrens (United Arab Emirates University)
Using governmentality to enhance management control research: A modes of governing analysis of a public sector field study
Discussant: Juhani Vaivio (Aalto University)



Sonja Gallhofer (University of Glasgow)
Alternative accounts and wellbeing: Exploring the transformative power of renarration


Lies Bouten (IÉSEG School of Management)
Designing controls to manage tensions in hybrid organizations: Insights from a hotel chain
Discussant: Oana Apostol (Tampere University)


Paolo Quattrone (University of Manchester)
Accounting for 'com-promeso': Common good, collective institutional commitment, and the gereative power of ambiguous quantifications at the Instituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI) (1943-1972)
Discussant: Kari Lukka (University of Turku)


Giuseppe Grossi (Nord University)
Accounting for whom and what direction? Opening a 'fairy tale' of smart city rankings to critical scrutiny
Discussant: Erkki Lassila (University of Turku)


Oana Apostol (Tampere University) & Colin Dey (University of Stirling)
Social movements, counter product and interstitial transformation: an exploration of the Degrowth movement in Finland
Discussant: Jenni Laaksonen (Tampere University)


Kari Lukka (University of Turku) & Albrecht Becker (University of Innsbruck)
The future of critical interdisciplinary accounting research: Towards performative ontology
Discussant: Matias Laine (Tampere University)


Reading circle
The counter-performativity of calculative practices:  Mobilising rankings of intellectual capital Christina Boedker, Kar-Ming Chong, Jan Mouritsen Critical Perspectives of Accounting, Vol. 72.


Stefan Edlinger-Bach (University of St. Gall & Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU))
The Emergence of Enabling Accountability Systems: How Analytics Initiatives Unroutinize Planning and Forecasting
Discussant: Kirsi-Mari Kallio (University of Turku)


Emilia Cederberg (Stockholm School of Economics)
Almost there: Boundary operations in ESG analysis practice
Discussant: Eija Vinnari (Tampere University)


Claire Dambrin (ESCP Europe)
Assetizing the self: The fructification of human capital on and by peer-to-peer platforms
Discussant: Jan Pfister (University of Turku)


Kari Lukka (University of Turku), Eija Vinnari (Tampere University), Sven Modell (University of Manchester)
Coping with clashing epistemologies: The effects of the normal science tradition on the use of Actor-Network Theory in accounting research
Discussant: Peeter Peda (Tampere University)



Lukas Goretzki (Stockholm School of Economics)  & Jan Pfister (University of Turku)
Taste your own medicine: Performance measurement systems as identity threats to the management accountant.
Discussant: Hannele Mäkelä (Tampere University)


Jenni Laaksonen (Tampere University)
Harmonization versus assimilation - A critical perspective on IFRS translation from the English-language original into local languages.
Discussant: Oana Apostol (University of Turku)


Albrecht Becker (University of Innsbruck)
From local concerns to national solutions: The emergence of a national healthcare quality assessment system in Austria.
Discussant: Matias Laine (Tampere University)


Hendrik Vollmer (University of Leicester)
Public value and the planet: accounting and ecological reconstruction
Discussant: Kari Lukka (University of Turku)