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Exchange students FAQ

This page covers frequently asked questions of exchange students. Questions have been grouped according to the following categories: 

  • Application
  • Courses
  • Practical matters



I would like to come to UTU as an exchange student, what should I do?

Firstly, you have to check with your home university if they are a partner of the University of Turku / a member of the same mobility network. You have to go through the internal application process at your home university. 

After you have been chosen for exchange at your home university, your home university should nominate you online in SoleMove during the nomination period. 

When the application period starts, you will receive instructions on how to activate your SoleMOVE user account and submit your application for exchange studies. Please check your junk mail too. You must submit your application before the deadline.

Please check also the eligibility requirements

SoleMOVE offers several options when I start my application: study, traineeship, and combined. Can I choose, for example, combined option?

No, if you are coming as an exchange student, you must choose STUDY -option.

It is required that students should have studied 2 years to be eligible for the exchange at UTU, I’m currently finishing my second year, can I apply?

When starting the exchange at UTU, you should be a 3rd year student. If you have completed two years of studies when you start your exchange, you are fulfilling the requirement.

I cannot choose my study field in the SoleMOVE application, there is only one option 00-Generic programmes and qualifications available, what should I do?

The agreement between your university and UTU is so called Any Field meaning students from any study field can apply. Therefore, the student can choose only 00-Generic programmes and qualifications for the study field in the application. There is an additional information box, where you should write your correct study field. When the application arrives, we will modify the study field information.

Is the Transcript of Records electronically signed by my home university suitable?

Yes, it is suitable. 

My language certificate is more than two years old but C1 level, is it suitable?

Unfortunately, it is not suitable. Your language certificate should not be more than 2 years old at the time you are submitting it, according to the requirement of the University of Turku.

Please check more information about the language certificates we accept (Application enclosures -> Language certificate).

I do not have a language certificate, or it is more than 2 years old, what should I do?

Please ask your home university (for example, English teacher or International Affairs Office) to fill in the Language Assessment Sheet. This document must be stamped and signed. You can find a template on How to apply for exchange studies -webpage (Application enclosures -> Language certificate).

We also accept a free-form document (for example, using a template of your home university) where your home university verifies your English level as at least B2. It should be also stamped and signed by your home university. 

Do I need to enclose a Learning Agreement to my application?

Enclosing a Learning Agreement to the application is obligatory only for non-EU Erasmus + ICM exchange students. For non-EU students coming through bilateral agreements LA is voluntary, you can fill that in in case your home university requires it.

EU/EEA applicants should fill out OLA AFTER their application is processed at UTU.

Please check more information about the Learning Agreement (Application enclosures -> Online Learning Agreement/ Study Plan)

The status of my application is sent to the department. What does it mean?

We are sending the applications to the departmental contact persons. The role of the departments is to comment on the courses you have chosen. It means your preliminary study plan is being processed at the departments.

The status of my application is accepted, where can I find my Letter of Admission?

You should receive the Letter of Admission by e-mail together with the acceptance information. Please check your junk mail too. In case you have not received that, please contact incoming@utu.fi

Where can I find more information about the application process including nomination and application periods, application enclosures, and eligibility?

Please check our How to apply for exchange studies  -webpage

Study plan / Courses / Learning Agreement

Where can I find a list of courses for exchange students?

The new study guide for academic years 2024-2027 will be published in mid-May 2024, so you have to do your study plan according to the present study guide 2023 – 2024. You can find a link to the Study Guide as well as more information about the courses available on Courses in English for Exchange Students -webpage. 

What if some courses I choose now from the current study guide are not available later or I just want to change some courses later?

No worries, you will be able to change your study plan later during the enrolment period if necessary. If your university requires changes to be made earlier, you can send us an updated Learning Agreement. Please do not include not endorsed courses to your LA. If you add new courses to your LA, please note, courses that did not go through the review process in SoleMove will be conditionally approved. 

Can I change my preliminary study plan in SoleMOVE after my application is accepted?

It is not possible and not needed to change your study plan in SoleMOVE after the application period. The study plan should be changed through the course enrolments / LA. 

Who should I indicate as the host institution responsible contact person in my LA?

You can find the names and contact information of the responsible persons as well as more information about the Learning Agreement on How to apply for exchange studies -webpage (Application enclosures -> Online Learning Agreement/ Study Plan).

Does UTU have a minimum ECTS requirement for exchange students?

No, we do not have a minimum ECTS requirement. Please check with your home university/scholarship provider if they have a minimum ECTS requirement.  The recommended workload is 30 ECTS credits for a semester and 60 ECTS credits for an academic year.

Can I take courses from other faculties?

Yes, but most of the courses should from your study field.

The Faculty of Medicine and Turku School of Economics can only accept exchange students, who are majoring in these subjects and there is an agreement to these study fields.

The Faculties of Law and Education can only accept exchange students from other faculties only, if there are free places on the courses and the students meet the course criteria.

Please check more information about the courses available for exchange students

How do I know if a course is a Bachelor or Master -level?

You can check the level of the course in the Study Guide:

Basic studies = studies of 1st – 2nd year

Intermediate studies = studies of 3rd – 4th year

Master/ Advanced studies = studies of 5th – 6th year

You can find a link to the Study Guide and more information about the courses available for exchange students on Courses in English for Exchange Students -webpage. 

Can I take Master-level courses?

If you are a Bachelor student and you have studied 2 years before your exchange in Turku, you can take Master-level courses. Please note, some Master-level courses may have prerequisites. You can check the required background knowledge on the course page in the Study Guide.

You can find a link to the Study Guide and more information about the courses available for exchange students on Courses in English for Exchange Students -webpage. 

Do I need to update my LA when my courses change and how can I do it?

If your home university requires it, you can make changes to your LA. You can find instructions and templates on the UTU Intranet (requires UTU user account).

More information about the Learning Agreement (Application enclosures -> Online Learning Agreement/ Study Plan)

Practical matters

I would like to confirm my study place in SoleMOVE but I am not sure about my arrival date yet. Should I confirm or wait until I am sure about my arrival date?

Please confirm your study place in SoleMOVE first. You can enter your preliminary arrival date. Please remember to inform your tutor about your arrival date as well. 

When should I arrive? When does the semester start and end?

We expect exchange students to be present at the Orientation, which is usually organised at the end of August (Autumn semester) and the beginning of January (Spring semester), exact dates and schedule will be published on the Orientation -webpage. 

The studies start the following week after the orientation. The Autumn semester studies end by Christmas and the Spring semester by mid/end May depending on your courses. 

The application period for TYS student housing has already started but I did not receive my Letter of Admission yet. What should I do?

You can still submit your TYS application. When you receive your Letter of Admission from the International Office, please send it to TYS.