Cleverly innovating together: Reducing food and energy waste in restaurants

Henri Alén, Entrepreneur and Chef, joins us in the conversation with the City of Turku, researchers and industry, discussing how to diminish food and energy waste. The service industry can lead the path of technological innovation while addressing the challenges we are facing in our era and making the industry more competitive and resilient.

To increase the impact of our actions, it is crucial that practitioners, students and researchers interested in exploring solutions to reduce food and energy waste join the conversation. The aim of the first event organized by Dining Flow project is to exchange views and information allowing us to move forward.

During this gathering, our goal is to establish connections with diverse stakeholders dedicated to minimizing waste across various organizations. We are eager to hear about a range of experiences from those actively involved in reducing food and energy waste. Additionally, we aim to present the vision and ongoing initiatives of the Dining Flow project.


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