Material text seminar V


16.11.2022 at 16.00 - 18.00
The Material Text Research Forum (MTRF) is an initiative focusing on bringing together researchers from different backgrounds to explore ‘material text’ in live and online meetings.

Our fifth seminar is held via Zoom on 16 Nov 2022, 16.00–18.00 EEST (UTC+2). The Zoom link will be sent to participants before the seminar.

16.15 Opening words
16.20 Birte Bös (University of Duisburg-Essen): The materiality of historical English newspapers
17.05 Open discussion on the topic
17.50 Closing words


The materiality of historical English newspapers

This workshop takes different perspectives on the materiality of historical English newspapers, focussing particularly on the 18th and 19th centuries. It will outline how political developments (such as the introduction of the so-called ‘taxes on knowledge’) and technical innovations (e.g. in paper-making and printing technologies) affected the material shape of early English newspapers and consider contemporary perspectives on material aspects, as, for example, expressed in editorial comments. While research on historical newspapers has been facilitated by the rapid growth of digital archives in recent years, ‘media translation’, i.e. the ‘remediation’ from actual print to digitised online versions, poses challenges to the modern researcher that will also be discussed in this workshop.

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