New Master’s degree programme in Public Mental Health launching at the University of Turku


The University of Turku will educate future experts in Public Mental Health. The new Master’s Degree Programme will welcome its first students in August 2024.

The perspective of public mental health has been lacking in the higher education in Finland and also in most other countries. The University of Turku has taken on the challenge, and will start to educate public mental health specialists from August 2024 onwards.

Public mental health provision is lacking both in developed and developing countries. There is also a need for research on public mental health service systems, interventions, and prevention. The Master’s degree programme in Public Mental Health at the University of Turku will provide knowledge, subject-specific expertise and specialised skills for its students.

Finland and other countries are urgently looking for more public mental health professionals who are able to plan, develop and implement evidence-based preventive and early interventions for mental health of children, adolescents and families. Research-based remote, digital and new technology-assisted interventions are required to address the global challenges to provide evidence-based solutions.

The new Master's Degree Programme in Public Mental Health will educate research and healthcare development and administration professionals. The programme will prepare students to work e.g. as epidemiologists, researchers and health care service managers at a vast array of organisations including public and private healthcare, federal government, universities and companies.

We welcome you to apply!

The first application round for the Master’s degree programme in Public Mental Health is on 3-17 January 2024. 

Interested in becoming an expert in Public Mental Health? Read more about the MDP!

Created 29.11.2023 | Updated 30.11.2023