Information about Health and Well-being from Oppiportti Portal


All the members of the university of Turku can access up-to-date information about health and well-being in the Oppiportti portal. The Oppiportti portal is one of the e-resources acquired by the University of Turku Library and is accessible everywhere at any time, though only in Finnish.

Authors are experts at the University of Turku

Oppiportti consists of a number of different materials in Finnish: textbooks, online courses, lectures, videos, etc. You can read the latest information on e.g. tobacco and nicotine addiction or health promotion. All the books are based on the latest research and are written by Turku University's own experts.

There are many different ways to access Oppiportti: via the library's Volter database, the library's guides or direct links in the university's network. You do not need to log in to the learning port after you have identified yourself or make your own IDs, but click on "Jatka sisältöön kirjautumatta" and "Avaa oppikirja". If you wish, you can make your own account, which allows you to save your favourites for later use.

Get to know Oppiportti and the latest health information in Finnish:

Further information also in English:

If you have any questions about these, please, do not hesitate to contact the e-mail address!

Created 14.03.2023 | Updated 14.03.2023