​Apply to the Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies


Application period 3.12.2012–31.1.2013

Are you interested in the future?

The Master´s Degree Programme in Futures Studies is open for applications. Come and study in Turku, Finland for two years to complete a Master of Arts degree in the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics.

​FUTU is a unique multidisclipinary programme that trains students to become visionary thinkers with a futures-oriented state of mind. Graduates will qualify to a wide array of expert positions in the strategic/foresight units of private companies or public institutions. Foresight experts are found for example in governmental offices, private companies and academic research centers. The programme also serves as an excellent basis for building a consultant business.

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''The Futures studies programme is multidisciplinary and helps to develop an ‘out-of-the box’ approach to critical thinking. Futures studies dives into every sphere of life and economy enabling individuals in the field attain a skill which I term ‘stretched imagining’ which is highly important in a world where the pace of change grows at almost exponential rates."

- Martins, Nigeria

Martins (first on the left) taking part at the Finland Futures Research Centre's annual Futures Conference, June 2012.

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