New Exchange Students Were Welcomed


The Welcome Fair event presented the study and free time possibilities of the university to the new exchange students.

Shoko Wakabayashi and Sara de la Rosa (in the front) follow the programme of the event.​​

​Exchange time is full of possibilities to learn and experience new things. Every year, the International Office arranges an orientation course for the exchange students and provides information, which helps them to make the most of their time in here.

The orientation course culminated with the Welcome Fair, where different subjects and English master degree programmes as well as student organizations and free time activities were presented.

For example Language Centre, University Sports, Turku Swing Society and Academic Nintendo Club ry introduced their services and activities and Sohon Torwet orchestra played music

- We wanted to provide the exchange students one place and event, where they could easily find information about all the important things, International Officer Annukka Väre sums.

- The event aims to integrate foreign students as a part of the university community and give them an inspiring start, continues intern Laura Ivaska from the International Office.

Friendly People and Frightening Winter

Jeffrey Wong from Hong Kong has encountered helpful and friendly people in Finland and he was enthusiastic about his stay in here. Jeffrey´s goals were already decided.

- I have wondered how everything functions so well in the Finnish society. I aim to head back home with new ideas and development suggestions, Jeffrey plans.

An economics student Sara de la Rosa from Spain and a student of business and administration Shoko Wakabayashi from Japan had already had the chance to drive around Turku by bikes. They were impressed by the beautiful river side and planned to travel around Finland during their stay.

They were looking forward to getting to know the Finnish culture and improving their language skills. They had already learned some Finnish words.

- Tervetuloa, kiitos, moikka, the girls pronounced successfully.

However, there was one thing they were not so enthusiastic about.

- I am little afraid of the winter. Everybody already suggested preparing for it. How cold can it get?, Shoko wonders.

Not to worry. When the snow paints the landscape white and your breathing steams, just put on more clothes and you will be fine.

Welcome new exchange students!


Text and photograph: Henna Borisoff


Created 10.12.2012 | Updated 07.06.2018