New IIPC Director elected: Professor John Richardson


Professor John Richardson (Musicology, University of Turku) has been elected the new Director of the International Institute of Popular Culture, IIPC.

​Professor Richardson is a well-known international scholar, who has published widely on cultural musicology and audiovisual media. His latest output includes An Eye for Music: Popular Music and the Audiovisual Surreal (Oxford University Press, 2011), and Essays on Sound and Vision (edited with Stan Hawkins, Helsinki University Press, 2007). He is currently editing The Oxford Handbook of New Audiovisual Aesthetics (with Claudia Gorbman and Carol Vernallis) and The Oxford Handbook of New Digital Media: Sound, Image, and Emerging Practices (with Carol Vernallis and Amy Herzog).

The new Vice Director of IIPC is Adjunct Professor Kari Kallioniemi (Cultural History, University of Turku), an expert on British popular culture. His latest book is 'Blitzistä Blairismiin. Englantilainen populaarikulttuuri ja yhteiskunta toisen maailmansodan jälkeen' (‘From Blitz to Blairism’ – English Popular Culture and Society after the Second World War).

The International Institute for Popular Culture is a multi-disciplinary research unit, concerned not only with issues in contemporary popular culture but also in its history and transformations. The Institute is committed to pursuing academic excellence in the following areas:

- popular music, radio, film, and television
- new media and information technology
- festivals and urban cultures
- youth cultures and subcultures
- cultural industries, consumption and material culture
- sports
- stardom and fandom

The Institute is open to methodologies and theoretical insights, but it places special emphasis on the questions of popular culture as heritage and the social role of popular culture.

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