Saudi Teachers Learn Good Practices for Educational Development in Turku


Altogether 25 Saudi teachers have come to the University of Turku to strengthen their language and pedagogical skills during the next six months. The training, which is carried out as transnational education, includes English language studies, studies in the latest theory in education, and practical training. The training was commissioned by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.

​​In the first few days of the training, the Saudi teachers and their families arrived to the campus.

Altogether 117 teachers are coming to Finland from Saudi Arabia and their training is organised by the member universities of Finland University– the Universities of Turku, Tampere and Eastern Finland – and HY+ of the University of Helsinki.

– The goal of this training is to develop the teachers' language skills, exchange ideas with Finnish education experts and adopt best practices from Finland to be carried out in Saudi Arabia, says Riikka Kuusisto-Kajander, the coordinator of the training.

Building Leadership for Change Through School Immersion is the first large-scale transnational education project realised in the facilities of the Turku unit of the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Turku. At the beginning of the year, Bachelor's degree education for 25 Namibian teacher students began at the Rauma unit. The faculty has also realised several transnational education projects abroad.

– High-quality teacher education is one of the pillars of an education system. By training future teachers to countries where the education systems are in need of a reform, we can ethically support educational development in these countries through transnational education, says Coordinator Anna Alasuutari

Training at the University and Turku Teacher Training School

The training is carried out in two phases.

– For the first three months, the teachers study English at the University. Next, they divide their week so that they attend classes and observe teaching at Turku Teacher Training School for the most part, in order to learn the best practices so that they can use the methods in their own schools. In addition, for one day a week they study the theory of education at the University, explains Alasuutari.

At the welcoming ceremony, Vice Dean Arja Virta of the Faculty of Education emphasised that education is work done for the future to ensure a better world for our children.

The arrival of the participants on campus highlighted this matter. The participants arrived to Finland with their families, including spouses and children of different age. As a part of the transnational education agreement, the University found a partner that provides housing in Turku for the families.

Finland University is a transnational education company co-founded by the Universities of Turku, Tampere and Eastern Finland.

Coordinators Riikka Kuusisto-Kajander (5th from the right) and Anna Alasuutari (on the right) help the teachers in their studies as well as in practical matters.

Text and photos: Erja Hyytiäinen
Translation: MR/SY

Created 07.06.2017 | Updated 07.06.2017