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Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences
University Lecturer, Economic Sociology
Oppiainevastaava (Head of Section)


+358 29 450 3073
+358 50 436 7381
Assistentinkatu 7

Areas of expertise

digital interaction
social media networks
lifestyle and consumption
platform economy
political parties
survey research


  • Introduction to Social Science (Basic studies)
  • Contemporary Economic Sociology (Intermediate studies)
  • Theory of Economic Sociology  (Advanced studies)
  • Consumption (Advanced studies)
  • Special fields in Economic Sociology (Advanced studies)
  • Economic Sociology's Vocation-Based Project Work (Advanced studies)
  • Design and implementation of the social survey (Advanced studies)
  • Master’s thesis seminar 1 & 2 (Advanced studies)


Recent research topics: 
  • Digital participation and interaction
  • Artificial intelligence and robots
  • Platform economy 
  • Political parties
  • Lifestyle and consumption
  • Survey methodology

Currently involved in the following research projects:

  • The social mechanisms behind the economic consequences of physical appearance (SOMA), University of Turku. PI: Outi Sarpila 
  • Digital Disruption of Industry (DDI), University of Turku. CO-PI: Pekka Räsänen
  • Problem Gambling and Social Media, Tampere University. PI: Atte Oksanen 
  • The Religious Legitimation of Politics and the Political Legitimation of Religion in Finland (LegitRel), University of Helsinki. PI: Titus Hjelm


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