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Doctoral Student, Materials Engineering
Doctoral Candidate, Materials Engineering
Doctoral Student, Materials Engineering
Nordic network on smart light-conversion textiles beyond electric circuits.

Areas of expertise

smart textiles
smart materials
photo-responsive materials
sustainable development


After completing my Master's degree in Applied Physics and Nanotechnology from the Gdansk University of Technology in Poland, I have decided to pursue a PhD in Materials Engineering at the University of Turku. Both materials science and R&D have always been a passion of mine, and developing my work experience in those fields was an obvious next step for my professional career. In addition, for the last three years, I have been participating in various international research projects, which contained materials science, additive manufacturing as well as product engineering, gained in the 3D printing industry as a student. 


My PhD project includes research and development of light-responsive materials, e-textiles and their possibility to convert light into a usable property change. The main goal is to create photo-responsive fibres, that are cool enough to be implemented into the fashion industry and are in line with the needs of customers. There are considered different functions which can be brought to the table by these textiles, such as shape deformation, self-cleaning or colour changing features. The future of our planet is one of my biggest concerns, thus I believe that my project can provide various sustainable solutions for any area that involves light-responsive materials such as textile or photovoltaic industries.