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Associate Professor, Department of Nursing Science
Associate Professor


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Areas of expertise

Family Centered Neonatal Care
Maternity Care, Pain Management
Development of IT tools for data collection and IT-based health interventions
Experimental Research
Implementation research


My academic career has included conducting quantitative and qualitative research in multidisciplinary research groups. In the Academic year 2011-2012, I joined the faculty of Department of Family Health Care Nursing in University of California San Francisco for my post-doctoral research. In 2018, I was appointed to Associated researcher in international Maternal and Child Health (IMCH), University of Uppsala, Sweden. In collaboration with my collogues in Uppsala university, I have gain expertise on implementation science and global health. In addition to the academic career, I have ten-year working experience as a NICU nurse.


Research methodology; Nursing theory; Evidence based practice; Transferable skills


I am leading the Connected Health - UTU research program which aims through the use of information technology and digital solutions to support effective and personalized health care. My special interest is to promote health and welfare of parents and infants in the early stages of life. In addition, I serve as the Director for Separation and Closeness Experiences in Neonatal Environment (SCENE) research group which aims to improve parents' and infants' experiences and outcomes of neonatal care.


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”Muutakin kuin kuulumisia” (2022)

Pro terveys
Putkuri Tiina, Lahti Mari, Axelin Anna, Salminen Leena
(Artikkeli ammattilehdessä tai kirjoitus ammatillisessa blogissa (D1))

Parent-infant closeness after preterm birth and depressive symptoms: A longitudinal study (2022)

Frontiers in Psychology
Lehtonen Liisa, Lilliesköld Siri, De Coen Kris, Toome Liis, Gimeno Ana, Caballero Sylvia, Tameliene Rasa, Laroche Sabine, Retpap Jana, Grundt Hege, Van Hoestenberghe Marie-Rose, Skene Caryl, Pape Bernd, Axelin Anna; (on behalf of the Separation, Closeness Experiences in Neonatal Environment (SCENE) research group)
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