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Cultural History and European and World History


Areas of expertise

cultural history of writing
autobiographical sources
everyday life during world war II
women and children at war


I graduated from the Department of Cultural History as MA in 2009, and began my doctoral studies the same year. I succesfully defended my PhD thesis in 2020. My thesis "Kirjoitettu vaino. Selviytymiskeinot juutalaisvainoista nuorten naisten päiväkirjoissa 1940-luvun Ranskassa ja Alankomaissa" was on the survival tacticts in the diaries written by young Jewish women in France and in the Netherlands during the Second World War.

I am currently writing a Finnish non-fiction book based on my thesis. The book will be published in 2022 by Into Kustannus. I am also in the beginning of my postdoctoral project "Writings from the Occupied North. The Autobiographical Material and the Experience of the German Occupation in Denmark and Norway (1940 - 1945)".



My research interests include cultural history of writing, autobiographical sources, everyday life during the Second World War, women and children at war, and the Holocaust. During my doctoral studies, I focused on German-occupied France and the Netherlands, but I am also interested in the history of Finland and the other Nordic countries, especially in the 20th century.


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